Maybe a break in the heat.

I need to be testing recipes for the wedding. I haven’t done any testing since the last recipe I posted which was, “oh, like a million years ago.”:

I also have about a bazillion pounds of zucchini in my fridge. Basically, I made the mistake of buying zucchini at a market days before my CSA showed up with mostly zucchini in it. I think, given all the zucchini, I want to make a few loves of zucchini bread.

However, like much of the country, we’re in the midst of an impressive heat wave. The thought of turning on the oven makes me die a little on the inside. Where I keep all my water.

All of that said, we seem to have a break in the heat today.… Continue reading →

Cherry Almond Butter Cookies

Welcome to the inaugural post of what is guaranteed to be the smallest recipe category of MetaCookbook: “Wedding Recipes”.

It will be the smallest recipe category for two reasons:
# It’s necessarily time limited. The wedding in question is in October, and it’s May now.

# I’m not expecting to cook everything for our wedding. Most of the recipes for what we eat will probably not show up here.

Most of what I’ll post in this category will be cookies. So, I hope you all have a sweet tooth.

Growing up, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t know my father & mother had an “Italian Cookie Cake” as part of their wedding festivities. I even have a very vague recollection of seeing a single photo of their cookie cake.… Continue reading →

[91] Cranberry Crunch Cookies

The Complete Book of Cookies, edited by Deborah Grey

Note: This entry will have significantly more photos than most, so the structure will be more like the “Thanksgiving Day Photos”: entry than most recipe entries.

I’ve mentioned at least once before that my friend Grace has been spending some time with me learning to make cookies. Mostly she’s asked to learn cookies that I have already made for the challenge, so I don’t think that many have come up here.

This was a new recipe to both of us though. I think I picked it out because I wanted something new, it sounded delicious and (as is so often a factor in my baking decisions) I had all the ingredients easily on hand.

Grace and I had a good time baking them, and they tasted decent, but the truth is that they were ugly little cookies.… Continue reading →

Help me decide on cookies.

Grace would like to make cookies again on Wednesday, and she’d like them to be something other than the maple cookies we made before (tell me I posted that recipe, please).

I may fall back to a basic chocolate chip recipe, but I’d kind of like to do something really new. Any requests for something you all would like to see here?

Also, anyone know a good proscuitto recipe in the cookbooks we’ve got up so far? I’d really like to eat some, but I’d feel a bit gluttonous if I just bought half a pound and ate it straight.… Continue reading →

Quickie post

The worst part about teaching a pregnant woman who doesn’t speak English very well how to bake cookies is that you can’t chow down on cookie dough in front of her.

The best part, though, is much better. And that’s baking cookies with a new friend, and getting to chow down on them together, and watching her learn after she just put you through your paces on the piano. At least, that’s my best part.… Continue reading →