The temptation to buy a new cookbook is nigh irresistable sometimes.

You would think that a couple who thinks they have copious cookbooks would not have any issues finding a good recipe for a new dish. Or, at least, a dish that we don’t have a lot of experience with.

All we wanted was a recipe for how to best grill ribs. How to Cook Everything had some rib recipes, but nothing about grilling (that man’s into oven-roasting, apparently). Joy of Cooking has something (and, in the end, we’re following that recipe that didn’t seem like much of a recipe). Beyond that, though, our books utterly failed us.

Boo.… Continue reading →


Yesterday I thawed about a pound of “tri-tip steak”: that Bill had purchased at the farmers’ market a couple months ago or so. It was big and beautiful and nicely lean. NONE of our cookbooks had a recipe for making it delicious. I forgive the vast majority of them (especially the vegetarian ones), but I was surprised that “_How to Cook Everything_”: and “_Joy of Cooking_”: didn’t have anything. And, if you look at the Wikipedia link above, you’ll note that there’s a few names for tri-tip. None in either book.

Maybe there are yet more names. I don’t know them. I do know, however, that Bill threw that steak on our new friend, Rob’s loaner grill, and made something delicious. While keeping our five-year-old guest entertained and unburned.… Continue reading →