A fun read to plan for your New Year’s Eve celebrations!

I just wanted to share a link with you, as you plan your NYE celebrations.

NPR’s food blog The Salt is always good for some interesting food news and ideas. I’m glad I stumbled on it a month or so ago.

I found this post, on New Years Eve traditions around the world, particularly delightful. Possibly because I have both lentils and sausage in my house, and the ethnicity I can most lay claim to is Italian. (Or maybe I just like the idea of throwing things, and I think throwing them off my 6th floor balcony sounds more fun than at my neighbor’s front door.)

I possibly ought to be looking for a Hoppin’ John recipe (which I know I have, as I think on it, in No Red Meat), since I am, far more than I am Italian, American.… Continue reading →

Food blogs

What food-related blogs do you guys, my readers, also read (or write)? Or my husband. He can comment too. I know he reads a bunch of good ones, but I end up failing to remember the ones he mentions.

I have been feeling, recently, that I don’t read enough food-related blogs. Then, of course, I wonder if I am sublimating my desire to buy a cookbook into feeling as if I should read more food blogs. The fact that I probably will never buy a cookbook again in my life may have a little something to do with this concern.

In any case, I’m curious what I’m missing out on, and so I’m asking here for links you write and/or like. And how many food(-related) blogs you read.… Continue reading →