SlapShot Brewing Beer Debut at The Beer Bistro’s 8th Anniversary

I wasn’t planning to attend SlapShot Brewing’s beer debut at The Beer Bistro’s 8th Anniversary party. In fact, I didn’t even know about the event. When I found out about it, via my friend Jeremy tweeting his disappointment that he couldn’t attend, I seriously contemplated not going. However, not having any other plans, Bill strongly encouraging me to go, and a very honest desire to support debuts and events happening south of North Avenue really put me over the edge.

I’m glad. It was a blast, and it was a at least three different kinds of evenings all packed into one.

It started as a very low-key evening. The brewers and company were tightly packed at one large table and a couple of smaller tables. I ended up at a two-top a bit removed from them and decided to grab their beer and see what it was like.… Continue reading →