SNAC! (Station North Art Cafe)

We found this gem via Yelp! For all the hatred Yelp! gets, much of it quite deserved, it generally serves us well when we’re lost in the wilds of another town and hungry.

Here’s what happened:

I needed waffles. We were staying in a part of Baltimore neither of us knows and I NEEDED waffles. So, we searched what we call “the Yelp machine” for waffles. And this place showed up. Lot of good reviews, several mentioning waffles…

Well, didn’t have to tell us twice! It took us a bit longer than we’d have wanted to get there, but when we got there, we found the best place. Art. Friendly customers. Incredibly friendly owners. Overheard intelligent conversations about the intersections of personal and political…

And fucking yummy, cheap food.… Continue reading →

Samples Lead Me Astray. To Surreality and Greatness!

Yesterday, I got two beer samples and, based on those samples, ordered a beer. The one on the left.

I received this snifter.

I briefly noted that my snifter’s beer appeared darker than the sample I’d gotten, but I’ve noticed that can happen on rare occasions. I’m not really sure of the optical physics of why a larger portion of beer can occasionally seem so much darker than a sample, but probably someone out there can explain it. Maybe I’ll poke a friend into doing so, if I can.

I also noticed the head was rather reduced in the full pour. I didn’t think much of it, until I sipped the beer. At which point I was tasting a fabulous beer, with some lovely wine barrel characteristics, that managed to be both like and unlike the sample I’d had.… Continue reading →

First Loves and Geographic Separation

I’m in and around Baltimore, Maryland this week. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if I haven’t, I lived in Baltimore (Hampden!) for about six months, and I lived in the area for a little over three years. Thus, whenever Bill has a conference in the area, I tag along to visit everyone and everything1.

Or almost everything. The last time or two we’ve come, I’ve missed visiting one place. I realized I have a solid chance of missing the same place, but I really hope I don’t. It’s my first beer love, DuClaw Brewing.

When I lived in this area, I largely didn’t drink. I didn’t like the taste of anything containing alcohol, and didn’t usually feel inclined to try anything alcoholic anyway2.… Continue reading →