[126] Simmered Tofu

Cover to Asian Cook by Terry Tan (unknown edition)

Last year, my friend Theresa convinced me to take a wine and food pairing class with her and a couple of her friends. It was a huge amount of fun, and by the end, we were all pretty friendly. We decided we should continue the tradition, and so we now meet about a month to try new foods and wines we think we will go with them. Previously, we hadn’t had any sort of organization, but we’ve recently decided we should have a “theme” for each night.

The most recent hostess decided that we should have Asian food as our theme, partially because it’s a difficult pairing, and partially because she’s Korean and wanted to share shopping and cooking with us. As you can imagine, I figured it was the perfect time to pull out my Asian Cook cookbook and try something.… Continue reading →

Asian Cook by Terry Tan – GIFTED

Cover to Asian Cook by Terry Tan (unknown edition)

I think I got this book at Williams-Sonoma, but I’m not sure. It might have been a similar place (a small business in Santa Fe or Los Alamos, if not WS). All I recall is that I rarely bought things at that store, but loved to look. So when I saw this book marked down to $8.00, and filled with gorgeous photos of food I really wanted to eat, I snapped it up.

I haven’t since managed to cook out of it. It’s a little challenging at places, because it has normal pages, as well as pages that fold out (I’m always a touch concerned about tearing them). Furthermore, I don’t have the equipment for a lot of it.

Oh, but I want it. This book really breaks it down and talks about various styles of cooking in Asia, and the tools needed and the techniques used.… Continue reading →