[82] Fresh Applesauce

Cover of The Healthy Kitchen, by Andrew Weil and Rosie Daley

This is the only recipe from this cookbook I’d ever made before this challenge. I liked it.

I should say, for the record, that I like the photos in this book. There aren’t a lot of them, certainly most recipes do not have a photo associated, but the photos of Weil & Daley cooking and eating, or of random food are just great. There’s a lovely photo of kale in there; I think it’s growing in Weil’s backyard.

I’m saying all of this because, so far, we have disliked or been indifferent to more recipes in this book than we have liked. I occasionally think it’s time to eject the book from the challenge. I don’t think we’re going to yet, but it comes up often.… Continue reading →

[78] Pork with Dried Apples and Prosciutto

Cover of Eating Well Serves Two

Also known as, “Pork with Dried Apples and Pork.”

At least, that’s how I saw it. Take your pork and season it with pork! YUM. If Nancy ever has Porkapallooza again, I’m finding a way to scale this recipe up to party size. That and do the pork liver wrapped in bacon thing I heard about in Kenya. But she knows about that pork + pork plan already. This is a new one.

Anyway, this is another pre-Thanksgiving meal. I think it’s even the last one. Like others (at least one other), a large part of the motivation was in having a meal that wouldn’t leave a lot of leftovers. However, and this is happening more and more (thankfully), it was also that I had almost all of the ingredients on hand.… Continue reading →

[34] Apple Pie (pg 151)

NOTE: Because so many recipes in this cookbook have the same name, I will use page numbers to direct you to which pie recipe I am referring to, so when you have your own Pie Town pie cookbook (which you really should get), you can see exactly the recipe in question.

So, on the heels of making enough crusts for five double-crust pies, we actually had to make the guts to fill ’em!

The first one on the list ended up being apple. I had a vague sense that the groom liked apple foods (but he’s not a big dessert guy, in general). Furthermore, apples are typically easy to get your hands on, and many people like apple pie.

Really, though? The decision making factor ended up being, “What in this cookbook looks easy to make with few ingredients?”… Continue reading →