Food While Traveling

Almost two years ago, I made a goal of cooking in more while traveling.

As I mention in the linked post, Bill and I figured out pretty quickly that we’re both fairly happy with several breakfasts in a row of just yogurt, fruit, and granola. It’s fast, simple, and tasty. We almost always, at this point, stop at a grocery store and get enough for at least two breakfasts “at home.” We could do more, and I think we both want to do more, but there’s always more folks who want to go out and places we want to try. So, we want to do more, but we also want to keep it as it is. Always a conflict, I suppose.

Where we haven’t made any changes is lunches or dinners.… Continue reading →

Accidental Cider Share

Bill and I have been traveling a bunch recently. When we travel, we tend to rent places from Air BnB. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth reiterating. It is, at this point, rare that we stay in a hotel.

It’s not just the fact that we can make our own coffee, make our own breakfast, and almost always bigger than a hotel room for the money. It’s that the space we get is more usable, overall. When we stay in hotels, we spend most of our time visiting with friends in coffee shops, breweries, or restaurants.

But when we stay in places we find on AirBnB, we have many more options. Like visiting a nice local bottle shop, and deciding to buy several ciders (and one beer!),… Continue reading →

Travel Kitchens and Cooking Withdrawal.

Every time I eat an apple, I’m reminded how much I enjoy apples and how rarely I eat them. It’s kind of bizarre, honestly.

It occurs to me that the same is often true, for me, of cooking. As I’ve mentioned before, I really hated cooking as a kid & refused to let my mother teach me how. I’m sure that’s the root of this oddball behavior of forgetting how much I enjoy cooking.

Well, let’s be honest, that and the fact that sometimes my house after a cooking binge looks like these photos. Or worse.

And, in further honesty, everything in that post about really tasty food “out.”

But, it turns out, I get antsy with not enough time in the kitchen. I hadn’t really realized that before the last couple of days.… Continue reading →