My words sure do taste good!

It was “just two days ago when I said I wasn’t going to cook out of Bittman or Pioneer Woman cookbooks this week”: Now I’m having to change my tune. Or eat my words. Whichever you prefer, really.

Here’s the deal. I promised our friend Rob I’d cook up some meals for him to toss in his freezer and eat once he got home from having his ankle replaced. He was, in theory, going to have this happen last week or so. It didn’t. We’re still not sure when it will happen. However, I’ve made some lasagne and I’ve given him some of the frozen leftovers from “Blue Ribbon Chili”: However, I told him to make requests, and he did. One of his requests was black bean soup.… Continue reading →

Probably no recipe this weekend

I am not a morning person. It’s kind of a struggle for me to be awake at 6:45 am, especially on a Saturday. Yet, here I am, awake and posting a quick entry to say three things.

First, I probably won’t manage a recipe entry this weekend. Bill and I have many errands to run, so we’ll probably focus on getting those errands done and some repairs around the house. Hooray for the weekends!

Second, I’m making a commitment to not use How to Cook Everything, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and Pioneer Woman Cooks this upcoming week. I love those books, but I feel like I’ve gotten into yet another rut, and am now just cooking from them. Which is really conducive to my “using all my cookbooks” plan.… Continue reading →

A comment on numbers.

Occasionally one of us will mention how many recipes we have left to make or how many recipes we’ve made to date. Oddly, both numbers are a bit more fluid than you might expect.

Mostly, that second category is pretty solid. The main thing that keeps it from being a set number, so far, is the two How to Cook Everything books we own. There are several recipes that are duplicated across the books, and we don’t always know we’re making one that’s in both books (such as “Everyday Pancakes”:,-was-it-a-new-recipe-or-not.html) Due to that, I “made a decision.”: As we find recipes that are in both books, we make a note of it. If we’ve already made the recipe once before, our count completed increments by one.… Continue reading →

Happy New Year

It turns out I’m not great with the milestones here on MetaCookbook. I realized awhile back that we had crossed 100 entries (a small, but should be noteworthy milestone) and I hadn’t even noticed. Last night, while talking to Kristi L2, I thought we’d posted more than 150 entries, but looking at it today, we’re not quite there yet. I probably won’t notice when we do1. I didn’t notice that we’re actually 7 months into this challenge, not the 6 I was thinking.

I did notice, though, that we’re coming up on one of the most important milestones for the challenge we’ve given ourselves. In fact, I noticed it enough that I’d hoped to hit it by the end of the year. Alas, we did not manage to even cook, much less post, 100 recipes this year.… Continue reading →

Small changes coming!

Hey everyone!

I don’t have a recipe post for you today, and for that I apologize. My home network has been giving me fits to try and work on moving and uploading files.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something interesting for you, I promise. Until then, check out the “Upcoming Recipes” list to your right and shout out what you want to read about most.

–Natasha… Continue reading →