Call Me? Call me!


I haven’t been posting, I know. It’s been a weird-as-fuck year, and all the things I want to talk about feel like things I can’t write about here all publicly and shit. Or it’s the mundanities of life, like how my dearly beloved Kiki has decided that the kitchen is where she should go to the bathroom. Even if the back door is open…

Damn it, dog.

Anyway, I realized this morning, while on a three-hour call with a friend, that phone calls are a thing I need in my life more often. Specifically phone calls, though they don’t have to be that long. I need them because they are a great way to start catching up, but also (admission time) because they use enough of my brain to keep me focus, but not my hands at all. My hands are free to do other things.

Y’all, my house is substantially cleaner than it was a few hours ago. If I had an hour or two of catching up phone calls once a week? My relationships would be better AND my house might start to resemble a place reasonable people live.

Oh, and for the record? I know the phone rings both ways. I’ll call you too. But I’m starting with my grandma this Sunday. I don’t call my grandmas enough.

PS: I totally wrote this so SOMETHING would be on my blog. To break down the dam again, maybe. It’s not even for Marielle or Deb this time… Just for me. <3