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March is a very hard month for me, typically speaking. Bad enough that I am genuinely superstitious about it. I just expect, at this point, things to suck in March. Not everything, for sure. One of my delightful nieces was born in March. My father was born in March. Angelique was born in March. I made some cool-ass friends two days ago (which was already March!).

But, generally, I dream of skipping to the end of March. Maybe to just a couple of days before all those birthdays I mentioned (because, seriously, they’re all at the end of March; I think their mothers were trying to spare them March birthdays, but just couldn’t quite do it). It never happens, but I dream of it. I hate March enough that I really could have sworn I had a “fucking March” tag on this blog, but I do not. Well, I do now, but I didn’t before this post.

Anyway, all of this is to say that today’s links are about food, but not all of them directly. But they’re excellent reading and worth your time. Especially in Fucking March.

I read The Chicken Marsala that Reminded Me to Try and literally walked to my fridge to thaw some chicken stock with tears in my eyes. I’ll be making that later today for myself and a friend or two who need some “commiseration chicken,” which is what I’ll be calling that from now on. Because holy goodness do I commiserate.

I opened my RSS feed today and saw I had, for the first time in months, something under my “Gardening” category. Wondering what in the heck I’d subscribed to, I opened up the category and was delighted to see that Erica of Northwest Edible is back a bit. She opened up about how her blog has been silent for the past year and why. Given my own fits and starts for the past year or so, it was genuinely like a hug from a totally understanding friend. And, indeed, it was like food for my soul.

I delight in expressions around food and beer all the time, so when I recently stumbled across 15 more food-related expressions in Spanish, I was thrilled. I used to regularly follow Dominican Cooking, so I’m not sure what happened that I don’t anymore. But I’m glad to have rediscovered it.

Finally, given my above mentioned (and linked to) fits and starts, I wanted to share a poem someone recently shared with me when I was having a hell of a depressive fit. Called Effort, it is perfect. No, I don’t have kids. Yes, the whole thing still resonated furiously with me. And that day, it gave me the motivation to stand up, move around, and go eat.

What I’ve been reading (affiliate links):

What I’m hearing:

“Because The Night” a cover from Garbage and Screaming Females

“If Not Now…” from Tracy Chapman

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  1. <3 I need to write more myself. I've been caught up in so many feels, and so many words. So many challenges so far in the last few months alone. Really appreciate this "food" for thought and look forward to more noshes from you to come as you feel time to share. <3

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