Recipe for the Best Shower

I love showering, but I very rarely take a long shower. The water waste is just too much for this New Mexican’s heart. Yes, even though I live in the Pacific Northwest now (and I don’t know if I will ever be dry again). Clean, fresh, temperature-controlled water on demand is a hell of a luxury on its own. I can enjoy it in under five minutes and feel delighted.

But I won’t deny, there’s something glorious about a long, hot shower. So, on rare occasion, I take one. And today? Today I finally figured out what might be the best shower ever. Better than that? It’s repeatable. A must for any good scientifically-trained person trying to find “the best.”


Music from Tegan and Sara
Music from Enslaved

Almost blisteringly hot water

An appropriate plastic glass. I used a Govino Wine Glass (affiliate link)

A growler full of low ABV but ridiculously good and indulgent beer.

Anything else that you like for a shower.

A plastic, stemless wine glass filled with a rosé-colored beer in front of a stainless steel 64 beer growler. They are on a wooden table. Background is white walls, a wooden chair back, and some general household decorations.


Set up your musical devices such that you can hear the music while the shower is going. Then set up a play list that alternates the two bands. Start playing the music, then pour yourself a full glass of the beer. Then put the growler back in the fridge because one is plenty of beer. Turn the water to “as hot as you can stand”. Then shower as normal, except also take a lot longer, drink some beer, and sing along to the songs while giggling about how different they are.


(Bonus enjoyment if this is your first shower beer ever.)

2 thoughts on “Recipe for the Best Shower

    • I thought it was super weird too, until this. Then I discovered the blisteringly hot shower makes the cold of the beer extra delightful AND the alcohol hits you a tad harder.

      I don’t think this will be a thing I do very often. I guess time will tell. But short showers speak to me, usually.

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