Beer and Are There Four Kinds of Peppercorns?

Or, at least, that is what I told the nice folks over on the Brew Happy Podcast. Black, green, white, and the not-really-a-peppercorn-but-tastes-similarly pink. Also, it looks like I was wrong and there’s other kinds of peppercorns out there! I shall have to investigate further!

I got a last-minute invite to be on the show, so I’m glad it came together. It was a lot of fun, but you can probably tell I was very nervous (especially at the beginning) when you listen to it. Also SPOILER ALERT we never did quite get to it, but if I just had one “pizza beer” (which is INCONCEIVABLE to me) in Portland, Oregon it would likely be Occidental Kölsch.

Anyway, go check it out. (MP3 download link.) It’s almost two hours long, but there’s a lot of laughter in there AND some spontaneous PDX beer history from a lawyer who stumbled upon us.

2 thoughts on “Beer and Are There Four Kinds of Peppercorns?

    • Heya! I hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast, Kevin!

      I LOVE Gastropod. That’s a great podcast. I support them on Patreon since they’re so good.

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