Washington D.C.’s Cafe Berlin

While I continue to feel like I need to write deeply profound things, and thus continue to not find them, Isis reminded me of something important:

A group of friends and I had a really great meal and beers and banter at a restaurant yesterday. Enough so that I should tell you about it. Damn shame I didn’t take any pictures, though. I was too busy having fun!

So, here’s the fast details:

Cafe Berlin
322 Massachusetts Ave, NE

Washington, DC 20002

Everything they had on draft (7 taps) was a German import of some type. My Metal Curator and Beer Pal D (MMCBPD) and I shared three beers and while all were solid one, the Hofbräu Delicator, was just out of this world.

MMCBPD was the person who initially suggested this place to us, because he’s enjoyed the beer and food there in the past. If I were staying longer in D.C. I’d be back again for sure, and I’ll be back next time I visited. The beer was lovely, the food was stellar (I had a wild boar and venison special), and the service delightful and humorous.

Go eat there. Tell me what you think!