New Year, New President, New “Blather” Links

The fourth Monday of a month is for “blather” links; things that I want to share that don’t really fall into the food, beer, or science categories of the blog. Also, new year means trying new things! I decided it might be interesting to end these posts with links to some of what I’m currently reading and listening to. Please let me know what you think!

Autocracy: Rules for Survival by Masha Gessen. An excellent read with six rules for survival:

  1. Believe his words.
  2. Do not be reassured by normalcy.
  3. “Institutions will not save you.”
  4. Outrage is vital, even if exhausting.
  5. No compromising.
  6. Nothing lasts forever.

My father, less eloquently or lengthily, said exactly what Sarah Kendzior says in “Our kids may never get the chance to know America.” “While the election would have never brought resolution, it is only with Trump that it may have brought dissolution.”

Like Seth Millstein, I “accept” that Trump is my president, in that I understand facts. But I also accept my duty to oppose him and his hate-filled agenda. Not just my right (though that too), but my absolute duty. I accept.

“The revised budget rules deny that federal land has any value at all,” despite a study (cited in the article) saying, “that 95% of the American public believes that National Parks are worth protecting and 80% said they’d be willing to pay higher taxes to do so.” I don’t know what the current Congress is thinking as they “[move] to give away national lands”

And for something positive, let me just say that the more I learn about Ida B. Wells, the more I admire her. And the more I want to ask my history teachers why I knew so little in the first place.

What I’ve been reading (affiliate links):

What I’m hearing:

“I Hope” from The Dixie Chicks

“Brave” from Sarah Bareilles