A Time for Everything

It’s a snow day here in Portland, Oregon. We got somewhere between six and nine inches of snow last night. Maybe even more, but given how bad I am at estimating sizes of things1, I won’t try harder to be sure.

It’s not the first snow day we’ve had, but somehow it feels more like a snow day than any other. Maybe it’s how damn much snow is out there, or maybe it’s how quiet it is inside. I’m not sure. Nor am I sure if I care to figure out the “why” rather than just experience things as they are. In this case, it’s a snow day kind of day. I have tea. I have an urge to write. My tea is in a new, fabulous mug from the fantastic Deb Cooperman, and it’s encouraging my tea-ing and writing.

An orange mug reading

I need some encouraging these days. I have had a lot that I’ve wanted to write about, from the dogs, to the breakfast nachos I made this morning (inspired by Isis’s tendency to make amazing breakfast nachos), to why the beer industry needs to change their phrasing around nomadic brewers, to how fun it was to do a beer photo scavenger hunt with Leslie. I even have taken some great photos and started framing out posts in my head. But it doesn’t stick. And I didn’t really know why.

“A time for everything,” my drafts folder said when I decided to at least sit down and consider trying to write something today. Wondering what I’d meant, I opened up the draft. It was empty. The only clue was the title (above). I have no idea what I had meant, but I took it as a sign to sit down and just write something. So, that’s what I started to do.

I must be on the right track, because I’m feeling a tad better. And I just read another food post saying the exact same thing.

There’s a time for everything, and it seems I had another moment where it was time to pause. And I guess now is for writing. Something. Even if it’s not perfect or all-encompassing or even about the things I planned or was planning…

Hi, folks. How are all of you? What is it a time for you to do?

1 I don’t think I have ever, once, properly estimated the size of container leftovers need to go in. I’m lucky when they’re swimming in the container, as the other failure mode is a right mess.

10 thoughts on “A Time for Everything

    • Oh, man. I’m not even ready to think about that yet. But maybe sometime in 2017 that time should come.

      But I’m going to commit to it being time now for writing. That’s about it.

  1. I’m not sure what it’s time for. I’m torn by equal urges to simplify and relax, and to rage against injustice. But I’m glad that one of the things you found time for today is writing.

  2. That container size for leftovers thing, I still can’t get it right. The worst part is the guy I’ve been married to for nearly 39 years nails it every time. On a more serious note, I’d like to see your thoughts on nomadic brewers and what the industry has to say about them. Glad you’re back to writing!

    • Why is it that spouses can be so good at what we’re bad at??

      Those thoughts are coming, Leslie. I just need to do it. Or, better yet, find someone who can speak to it better than I can. I don’t suppose you know any Romani who would like to write about beer? Paid, since I believe in paying writers, albeit not much because I don’t have much to pay.

  3. It’s time for my body to figure out what time zone it’s in. Also, it’s time to move. As in my body. As in exercise. I’m not excited 🙁

    Love you.

    • Oh man, it’s definitely about time to move my body. I whined on Facebook about shoveling snow a bit ago, but it honestly did help me feel better that day. I guess I should get on that “exercise” thing. Feh!

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