At A Loss For Words

Not being able to talk (or write) isn’t terribly normal for me. It’s not a spot I often find myself in; I’m a chatterer and, in case it wasn’t blindingly obvious from previous posts, opinionated. Typically, I have at least SOMETHING to say. Something to post.

Right now, though? I really don’t. I wrote a post about a couple of months ago on sexism in the beer community that I am super proud of, and that got a lot of (largely positive) attention. But it was draining. And a lot of the attention, even though it was positive, was also draining.

How much of my feeling drained was the fact that I wrote that post two days after moving house? Dealt with the aftermath of moving and working while dealing with the aftermath of reactions to that post? How much was Bill getting quite ill, and diagnosed with walking pneumonia a week and a half later? Then a week after that, off to travel for two weeks for a whirlwind of cross-country driving? Then getting bronchitis while on the trip…

I don’t know. I know I tried to keep it going for a bit, writing a link post regarding even more reads on sexism and beer, which I hope several folks found useful. Then, because I was still trying to share but utterly in a strange and tired place, I had a couple more “blather” posts that truly were blather-y. Then silence until Juneteenth. Almost a month ago.

The start of this post has been sitting in my “drafts” since before the road trip. That’s how long it’s been that I’ve just been unsure what to say or to share or anything. At this point, I’m putting it out there not to stay quiet, but to try to break the logjam in my head. To try to get “loud” again. And opinionated. And fun. And to bring you guys cooking experiments (starting a couple later today), beer studying and experiments, and whatever (maybe gardening again?).

Thanks for sticking with me. And a question: what herbs should I attempt to grow for the rest of this summer out on my deck? And should I put pansies in the raised bed the previous tenants put in the yard? I love them and it looks like the previous tenants put some in there…

6 thoughts on “At A Loss For Words

  1. What herbs have you been successful with in the past? What herbs do you love/use most? I’d grow these 🙂

    And I agree with Deb on the writing bit. Even if you don’t share it all, you can always just mind dump and see what stems from it.

    • Yeah, I need to get better on the brain-dump writing and writing in general. I just haven’t prioritized it sufficiently recently.

      As for the herbs, I honestly wasn’t sure. Basil, because that, but beyond that… I don’t know! I should be better at this. 🙂

  2. You can make an excellent culinary/beginner’s medicinal herb garden with some basil, mint (always in a pot!), lemon balm (also in a pot!), thyme, sage, oregano and tarragon. Heck, you could make a 20 foot flat just out of different basils or different mints, the salty little promiscuous brats.

    Have you ever tried growing your own hops? They’re so pretty climbing on a trellis or twine, and then you can use them in beer making!

    • Nicole, thank you! Basil was on my list, though I didn’t consider mint. Mint is kind of a jerk. 😉 I do love just about everything else you listed!

      Hops, I have never tried to grow. I wonder if they’d be hard to move in the future, but it sounds fun, honestly!

      Miss you. Hope you are very well. And thanks for the suggestions; I love them.

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