Further Reading: Some Links on Sexism and Beer

One of my goals for blogging is to have an interesting link post every Monday morning. I didn’t manage that this past Monday because my day was spent really writing and polishing my post on beer and predictable sexism. It’s one of my best posts, I think, and very important.

A lot of folks have landed on that post recently, for which I am grateful. It made me realize that maybe the best links I could share this week are ones that further the conversation on sexism and beer. Some will be my writings, because I know them best, but not all. I request, please, you guys share with me your best reads on sexism and beer. I think I’m missing out.

How the handle “The Beer Babe” came to be. It’s important, but I would love if folks would read this, and then do some critical thinking and reading on the differences between how a person chooses to self-identify vs how a person and/or brand chooses to label another person or group of people.

“I have this vague impression that the beer tasting rooms will be populated with dudes and I’ll feel out of place and/or not be taken seriously because I’m a woman.” That’s my friend Jen asking if her not feeling welcome in the beer community was her or the community. At this point, I can’t promise her the community isn’t pushing women away. Especially when I still see so much femmephobia in the beer community. (Some femmephobia reading.)

And as hard as it is for cis-women here in the beer world? That doesn’t even cover what happens when trans people (particularly transwomen) aren’t consulted on things that relate to them.

Then there’s what I think about every time I go to a beer fest. Or, frankly, anything under my hard conversations or hard stuff tags.

I’d love to keep writing and sharing more, but life does go on. I have to work in two hours, and I probably ought to shower before that. Thanks for reading, thanks for engaging and thinking about the topic, and thanks especially for
sharing your best reads on sexism and beer.