Cornbread, Culinary History, and Other Monday Bites.

While I knew some folks were adamant about cornbread having sugar in it, or not, I had no idea this divide actually largely broke down along racial lines. “It’s actually a gauge of who gets to call what’s Southern ‘Southern.’” says Micheal Twitty of Afroculinaria when discussing the greater layers to the cornbread debate. Me? I grew up on Jiffy Mix, and so I guess that makes me a lover of sweet cornbead. Not that I’ve ever had cornbread made from white corn…

Never have I been more interested to read a book about someone I’ve never heard about before. If anyone would like to book club The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe with me, please let me know! (Also, tell me if you’ve heard of her before!) That would likely prompt me to purchase it sooner than later.

A Passover story that brought tears to my eyes. And had me resolving, once again, to digitize my own Great-Grandmother’s journals.

Meet the cookbook collector who’s been saving American culinary history for 50 years. I have never thought about the importance of saving menus, to be honest. But I’d be amazed and thrilled to see one from around the Louisiana Purchase. This short read is a delight and makes me want to know a lot more about Jan Longone.

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