“This Dog.”

Bill says it at least once a day. On rare occasion, it’s about Happy. But usually? Usually it’s this dog.

Super close up of a dog face. Can see one of her eyes and her muzzle.

She’s ridiculous. We love her in part because of it.

For example, she’s slightly too long for the stairs in the new house. So she kind of flops up and down them. We didn’t realize it at first, we just thought she was flopping because she’s goofy and excited ALL THE TIME. But today Bill noticed that she literally can’t take the stairs one at a time, because she’s just a hair too long. So? She flops. A lot.

She also does a number of cute things to get attention. Like, say, cuddles up to me, then turns to stare at Bill in the hopes he’ll pet her too.… Continue reading →