Avoiding “Feral.”

Bill is out of town again. Traditionally, this means failing to feed myself properly. I know I’ve mentioned my lack of skill with lunches numerous times on this blog; now imagine that for all meals, days at a time.

Bill jokingly tells people I “go feral.” It’s not an inapt comparison. I kind of hunker down and do my own thing, and occasionally things are super different when he arrives. (Examples: a much messier or much cleaner house, furniture rearranged, etc.)

A selfie I took in my car. I am not smiling.

This time, the major thing I’m trying to do differently is be a little less terrible about what I eat. This, I won’t lie to you, is largely because my friend Tasha unintentionally intervened Sunday and fed me a healthful breakfast, then took me to a reasonable late lunch, then took me grocery shopping, and by the time it was all over I was inspired to eat from my freezer on Monday.

We’ll see. I thawed taco makings (turkey tacos a la The Kitchenista), but part of me was just not feeling it. I ended up refreezing the turkey for later spicy soup (thanks, Daniel) and eating a tiny bit of hummus. That’s kinda feral. I had homemade avocado toast for breakfast. I faltered a little on lunch (it might’ve been packaged ramen, but I’ll never tell). And my snacks were fruit, and later the hummus.

And I did make chicken stock Sunday night (we were out), and I also made spent grain sandwich bread for work lunches. Only then I got distracted by writing and let it over-proof. That made it stick to the wall of the loaf pan and it tore coming out of the pan. Argh!

Yesterday I had a Starbucks muffin for breakfast, PBJ (not feral; this is what I eat at work basically always) and an orange for lunch, then fast food for dinner (semi-feral).

A close up of my sweet dog Kiki. She is a little goofy, and has an adorable underbite.

I don’t know Maybe this will be the first trip in a long time (possibly ever) where Bill comes back to a non-feral wife. I guess it depends on what happens today, since he gets home late as the dickens tonight. Of course, I’m starting at a disadvantage because I have to leave the house, with the dogs, at 7:30 am. That almost certainly means breakfast out, though if I manage to eat at a place that isn’t Starbucks I think I’ll count it as eating kinda like a grown-up. And I think I committed to cooking for my friend Krysti tonight, though I haven’t the foggiest notion what. We’ll see. Something. Or not.

Maybe I’ll just go feral today. That’ll mean I’m only semi-feral for the trip, which is a decided improvement, overall. Something to build on for his next business trip.