The Poetry of Beer

Back when I was studying for my Cicerone exam my now-friend Chris at Ex Novo Brewing would pour me taster trays and have me guess which beers I had. This poem came about on one of those days, when I wrote down the guesses I had and noticed the order almost made a sentence. I kept the piece of paper, because it amused me. I realized there was no reason not to share it with you guys! First draft, and the bulk of the poem comes from Ex Novo beer names. Still, I hope you enjoy!

In your head
I’m peaching to the choir about

Alternative medicine

And friends with benefits.

I’m not.
She’s just

A casual ex.

Though the most interesting lager in the world,

She’s just Eliot.

But, somehow, together
We are the dynamic duo.

I think.

She disagrees.

A casual ex, indeed.

Feel free to guess what’s beer names and what’s not. Also, please let me know what you think and if you’d enjoy reading more beer name poetry! Because, I tell you what, it’s kinda fun to write.

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