An Update for the New Year

Happy New Year! I snuck a link post in yesterday without really acknowledging that the year-end hiatus was over. This was unintentional, I assure you. I merely had started writing it before the hiatus was over and didn’t think about it until after the post went up.

That was a big part of the plan for the hiatus, as you may recall. Writing, writing, writing. The plan was to build a buffer. And, as you can see, I had a tiny one going. I’m not writing this post the day it goes up. But I’m writing this post the day before, so it’s not as big as I’d aimed for.

Why is that?

Well, I started this post at 6:23 on Saturday night, so that’s a good start on getting a buffer going.… Continue reading →

Food Links

My mother’s cheesy chicken. Simple roast chicken I pull from the oven. Steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and chocolate cake. My friend Claire’s enchilada casserole. Grandma L’s zucchini bread.When I read Jacques Pépin’s Food Memories, these are a few that come to my mind. And I find myself wondering, what are your food memories? The ones you’d have to ask a family member to share with you? And would you if you had the chance?

I actually have gotten a few recipe cards from family with some of these “food memories” recipes on them. It’s a fascinating cross section of what my extended family cherishes.

My fascination with food and enjoyment of others’ company means that reading this description of a cookbook club had me absolutely dreaming.… Continue reading →