Money Redux

So in early 2014, I was just back into Amazon’s Affiliate program (you can read about what that means in a post I wrote late last year) and by the end of 2014 I had made $51.16, total. This was mostly in December ($48.21). In 2015, it was $117.77, with $86.34 being in December1.

So, honestly, that’s really exciting in some ways. Basically double the amounts compared to the previous time period! I can only hope that trend continues. That said, even if it does continue, I think by the time I’m making enough for it to be even part-time wages…

Calculated at Wolfram Alpha, with some help navigating it by my friend David Winter.

It’s another six years, roughly. That’s more time than I’ve currently been blogging. Oof. Though, the good news is that, since it’s an exponential equation, by the time I get to a part-time wage it’ll only be another two years to get to a full-time wage. (Part-time calculated at my current wage of $10/h, full-time calculated at $15/h, which is roughly where I expect the Oregon or Washington min wage to be in eight years.)

Looking back at that old money post, I see that I was thinking about merchandise publicly even then. (I’ve been thinking about it privately for even longer.) I’m certainly still considering it, and this year I’m committed to getting at least one piece out before the holidays. (That’s easy to say, because I’m committed to doing it before my birthday which is, effectively, the holidays.)

That will, hopefully, cut down the number of years. With luck, by a lot.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to supporting myself from this blog and activities directly related to it. I sure hope so, but it’s hard to know. I am glad to be able to again say I’m covering the cost of admission to Beer Bloggers Conference via my blog (if I go this year), given that was part of what prompted the money conversation last year. Though, like last year, that amount is not the expensive part. (And, honestly, I do not know if I’m going this year. Portland to Tampa is BRUTAL.)

So, unless/until I can cover the costs of this blog (including indirect ones like blogging conferences) with money from this blog, I guess I’d better show up to work. Well-rested and ready to pour some beers.

1 For the curious: This will pay out around the end of February, 2016. Amazon pays about two months after an order is made. I presume to make sure to take into account returns.

2 thoughts on “Money Redux

  1. Tasha, hopefully you can start selling that merch so you can make it to Tampa. Unfortunately, no non-stops from Portland to Tampa I believe. But it shouldn’t be harder than getting to Asheville!

    • Hi Allan! I am definitely looking at my options for BBC this year, with or without merch. However, it’s not an apt comparison for me to Asheville, as I lived in Chicago at that time. 🙂

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