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My mother’s cheesy chicken. Simple roast chicken I pull from the oven. Steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and chocolate cake. My friend Claire’s enchilada casserole. Grandma L’s zucchini bread.When I read Jacques Pépin’s Food Memories, these are a few that come to my mind. And I find myself wondering, what are your food memories? The ones you’d have to ask a family member to share with you? And would you if you had the chance?

I actually have gotten a few recipe cards from family with some of these “food memories” recipes on them. It’s a fascinating cross section of what my extended family cherishes.

My fascination with food and enjoyment of others’ company means that reading this description of a cookbook club had me absolutely dreaming. I would love to do something like this; the low-commitment, high-reward situation speaks to me deeply.

I appreciate people making sure my food preparation locations are clean and sanitary. While I know everyone else does too, I have to admit I never imagined Punjab, Pakistan had a “food czar”, much less such an effective one. It’s a quick and very interesting read.

Iron blocks in the shape of “lucky” fish are, potentially, fighting anemia in Cambodia.

Finally, a pie I’ll be trying here very shortly. Partially because the crust seems so simple, and odd, and partially because I love cranberries and pomegranete. But partially? Partially because I can’t resist a simple pie when I’m in a hurry and on the way to a party.

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  1. Oh, I would join your cookbook club in a second! This may not work for any readers outside the West Coast … but I also want a Costco or Trader Joe’s “club” — or at least a CorTJ potluck where everybody brings their CorTJ food favorite to share. I can’t be the only person whose household is completely in a rut about what we buy at CorTJ. I dream that both C and TJ have amazing “foodstuffs” that we haven’t yet discovered AND that would revolutionize our eating lives. I’m not talking about raw ingredients for great food — I think we’re OK in that department. But what healthy and irresistible nibbles have others discovered? I’ll start. Costco favorite: (cheap fresh-roasted chicken aside) is Kirkland brand goat cheese (so creamy and non-goaty!). Trader Joe’s favorite: Edamame hummus. There has to be more!

    • Katherine, I love this idea. I’ll have to give some thought to things. I love the tiny mushroom pies in the frozen section, but they aren’t gluten-free. 🙁

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