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Since my friend JP introduced me to the idea of hygge a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed it in theory, but never really embraced it day to day. Oddly, in Chicago, it seemed to just come naturally. Possibly, if JP’s musings on baltic porters are correct, I had access to plenty of “liquid hygge” in a way I don’t have here in Portland. Perhaps it’s because no one’s figured out that while the winters are less snow-filled, they are much darker and therefore more in need of hygge? The world may never know.

So, Goose Island (the big one, not the brewpub I used to hang out with) is offering refunds on it’s Coffee Bourbon County Brand Stout. This, while interesting, wouldn’t really be worth noting on this list except that most of us beer folks are going to focus on bacteria or something else. the folks over at Corner of the Cafe not only put together a list of “best coffee beers” in 2015, but note they wonder if the off-flavors in BCBS:Coffee are the result of the wrong coffee being sent. Seems unlikely (especially as the Barleywine is also affected), but worth considering. If only to remind ourselves that there’s a lot of components that go into a beer sometimes. (Also, the Corner of the Cafe post is work looking at if only for the really great beer photography in it.)

A dog sitting over an open & empty bottle of Ballast Point

I mentioned money, personally, in my most recent post. Once again, it seems to be something worth looking at. Jeff Allworth, over at Beervana, is seeking site sponsors. Whether you choose to sponsor him or not isn’t really my concern here (though I hope he does consider setting up a Patreon, honestly), but I was interested both by the need for blogging to make money and, frankly, what I thought was a pretty well-done sales pitch. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised from the author of a book,1, The Beer Bible, John Holl of All About Beer said was going to make beer writers ’round the globe wish they’d written it. Nevertheless, I am surprised. I find such pitches usually come off terribly, or sour my view of a blog. This one? Didn’t do either.

Finally, I’m going to ask any home-brewers or pro brewers I know to tell me what they think of this method of lager making that shortens time. It’s simply too over my head to know if it’s reasonable or not, but I’m curious about it. Someday, perhaps I’ll brew AND want to make lagers.

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1 No, I do not own it yet. But it is on my wish list.

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