It’s My Birthday.

And tomorrow is Christmas.

About five years ago, my friend Angelique got me started on setting up a list of goals/”to do” for my birthday. I let it go for a couple of years, but picked it up again this year. And today starts a lot of these goals.

I’m not going to share most of the list, because it’s fairly private. But I will say that it’s odd to do this so close to New Year’s Day. It means the list isn’t really de-coupled from the traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” as much as I would like it to be. But that’s fine.

It’s also not as far removed from the chaos of the holidays as I’d like. And, unfortunately, this year hasn’t been as relaxed and fun as normal. I blame the constant grey and rain.

Three photos in one: Upper left is a manatee hanging in a tea cup showing a narwhal, lower left is the same manatee over a humpback whale, and the right is a close up of the manatee's face peeking out of green tea.

So, today is going to be my last intended post of 2015. If something like Mars Day happens again, you may see activity here, but I’m not scheduling myself for anything. I will be writing every day; I have too many drafts (55 just in the blogging software, and that doesn’t include several in Evernote) not to. But I also have too many really long-form pieces I keep not getting at, because I’m trying to maintain a pace here without a buffer. So, I’m going to build a buffer.

And that, my friends, is what’s on the list. I’ll end this post with telling you what’s blogging-related on my “Birthday To Do” list:

Post 3x/week here and 1x/week at Getting Ready to Go.
Introduce some sort of merchandise. I have had several t-shirt ideas and such, but execution has been a killer.

Write a 4 week buffer of posts & maintain a minimum of a 2 week buffer (this is for both sites).

Restart cooking from books/challenge part of MetaCookbook. Because, frankly, I miss it.

So, help keep me accountable, please. By this time next year, all four of those things should have happened. Feel free to ask about them, or anything else.

Thank you guys so much. You have made this year’s blogging so worth it.

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