Your Monday Science Reading!

Sexism in science isn’t new in the slightest. I was strongly reminded of this recently at The Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, where I was at the DevOps Days Silicon Valley conference. The rarity of women in highly-paid positions documented in the museum, for example. Or learning from a new friend that an image they showed, one that’s used often for printing tests, is a scan of a photo from Playboy. Every time sexism in science comes up, it’s a lot to take in. But maybe 2015 is the start of something new? Sarah Zang argues so in WIRED. “[T]aken together, so many and in succession, they suggest something bigger. A conversation about sexism in science broke open this year.” So many sexist battles fought and, for once, won. Will more come?

A glass or plastic plaque from the Computer history museum reading,

I’m going to say right now that, generally speaking, I don’t have a problem with genetically modified organisms in agriculture. I don’t disrespect folks who do; we are all trying to figure it out. And more and more we turn to people who we don’t know but do trust to help us sort it out. And that’s where conflict of interest becomes a huge deal. I don’t know Kevin Folta, and I barely knew of him until this Buzzfeed piece on his podcast, communication, and interactions with Monsanto. And now, while I still lean toward not having a problem with GMOs in food, I certainly wonder about Folta.

Which seems more reasonable to you? Shouting, “Help, I’m being attacked!” “Leave, there’s attackers in the area!” or “Hey predators, I’m being attacked and am injured.” Seems that last one, while a bit of a gamble, may not be the worst choice. At least in damselfish!

A case of “click bait-y” headline writing gone delightful! Dr. Paige Jarreau writes up some interesting work regarding the coatings on medical implants, and ties it into one of my favorite foods: seaweed! How would you make better coatings for medical implants? Sushi! Mostly, it’s about figuring out exactly how to determine what is needed for any given coating. But, honestly, seaweed!

Finally, some cute bugs and fart humor.
Because sometimes we all need a laugh as we start the week.