Happy Thanksgiving

For the second year (not in a row), I’ve managed to make my lobster cranberry sauce gel. I’m pretty pleased about that, and the fact that my in-laws were welcoming to my bringing cranberry sauce. It seems that’s a pretty important part of my adult Thanksgiving holiday. I had to pare down quite a bit, and this was something I opted to keep.

Cranberry sauce in a lobster geletin mold in the foreground, whole cranberries in the back ground. All clearly in a fridge.

I imagine most of you won’t see this until after dinner; more likely Saturday or Sunday. But when you do, know I’m thankful for you guys. And, if you’re interested and willing, tell me the one thing you’d be sure to keep if you suddenly had to change your traditions?

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. As one who sampled the cranberry lobster in wide-eyed appreciation, I have to say that I hope you always keep it as a non-negotiable tradition! I’m so happy you’ve brought it to our family. Another is pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a dollop of raspberry jam. This is a relic of Bill’s Grandpa Bud who never met a pie he couldn’t improve with jam. Happy traditions to all!

    Aunt Katherine

    • It is 100% non-negotiable, Aunt Katherine! One of the wee ones at the festivities did ask for it to be a frog next year, so there may be more jelled molds in the future, but Thanksgiving will always be lobster-shaped cranberry sauce!

      As for jam on pie, this is a thing I consider trying every year but (confession time), I don’t like raspberry! Except for a few, and I’ve never seen jam made out of those.

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