Almost Famous! (Sorta.)


I'm so excited to be holding a copy of a magazine I'm in AND is about comics and beer. I'm not a comics nerd, but I might end up being one eventually if my friend Rick has anything to do with it.

So, I moved recently. As you all know very, very well. And thus, I kind of forgot I’d been on a tasting panel for All About Beer magazine back in August. (Please note, that link is kinda sad.)

ANYWAY! I was reminded of this when Lisa, whom I’d met and liked a lot while I was at BBC 2015, mentioned the most recent All About Beer magazine is something like a mini BBC reunion.

So, I went hunting. And it took me a bit more searching than expected but, of course, I found it at Powell’s.

And finding myself in the pages was as much fun as I’d hoped. Especially in the “Taste” section, which you can all guess is a word I love being associated with.

I finally found the exact section I was in, and the good times of that great and terrible day came flooding back. That panel was fun, particularly when I took one whiff of one of the beers, instantly knew what beer it was, and was confirmed to be right after the panel. And we discussed how perfect it’d be with seafood. Which makes me glad it’s in PDX, I must admit. (For the record, that beer is Troublesome and is in the photo below of the magazine. And it goes really well with crawfish.)

I was on a

Thanks for reading, everyone. I pretty much “blame” this exciting happening on you guys constantly encouraging me to write and talk about beer and food and everything else.