Guys, I am not even going to pretend here. I cannot focus on anything today except the fact that I should probably consume food at some point and THERE IS EVIDENCE OF LIQUID WATER ON MARS.

I know! I’m supposed to be studying like my life depends on it. And probably by the time Amanda gets here to study, I’ll have calmed the fuck down a bit. Probably.

But it’s really, really hard, honestly.

I’m, oddly enough, not much of a space nerd. I think space is neat and all, but it’s not usually something that captivates me the way it does so many others. However, the real and possible connections between space and Earth? Always fascinating to me. Extremophiles? YES.

Something very few people know about me (even Bill had forgotten until this morning) is that I was deeply interested in astrobiology1 in my undergraduate studies. Indeed, because I went to Kenya in my senior year of undergrad, I was applying to graduate schools like University of Arizona from my School for Field Studies camps. Like, writing wildlife ecology essays and personal statements about my interest in astrobiology simultaneously.

The other students thought I was a little weird, a lot overly stressed, and probably a little boring. (I’m speculating on that last one.)

I’ll never know what would have happened at University of Arizona accepted me. Would I have attended? Would the lure of lions have overwhelmed it by the time that happened? That trip is where I fell so head over heels for lions, so maybe I would have declined. But because I didn’t quite know what to do with myself post-school, maybe I would have gone.

I have no complaints. My life has been pretty interesting even having left astrobiology in my “what ifs” bin. But it means days like today can only result in me being excited and doing random little dances in my kitchen and completely not giving two damns about beer. Well, except reminding certain breweries that this isn’t great brewing water.

If you find it fascinating too, I suggest following AstroKatie, InvaderXan, and IBJIYONGI on twitter for more thoughts and deeper understanding of the topic.

Enjoy Mars Day2, everyone!

1 Yes, I have read that it’s not super likely that this liquid water is suitable for life. I’ve also read that it’s possible. NYT presents quotes from a couple disputing scientists. For me, it’s more the fact that LIQUID WATER is a thing there for sure. Does that mean it is elsewhere on the planet where it’s more likely?

2 I have no idea if anyone else is calling it “Mars Day.” But I sure am.

2 thoughts on “MARS DAY!!!!


    My favorite planet by far (suck it, Saturn), and I am SO excited about this. Water means life. I am more sure than ever that we’ll find bacteria there if we do this right.

    I’d have loved to get into astrobiology with you, but my path also brought me elsewhere. So let’s hope there’s an alternate timeline where we’re totally the ones working on this discovery, ok?

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