Peach Tea Smoothie

A smoothie, half consumed, on my coffee table. Half-full? Half-empty? I don't know. It's fully delicious, though.

I miss my Grandpa Steve an awful lot. He laughed a lot, joked a lot, doted completely on my grandmother, and talked to everyone. Man, did he love talking.

He also loved peach tea. Lots. His version was Lipton Instant Peach Iced Tea, and I cannot remember a time I’d go to his house and there wouldn’t be a big pitcher in the fridge. Usually, he’d have to make more, because he and the rest of the family drank a lot of it when we were together.

Peaches in a blender. Tea being poured over them.

Man, I loved that stuff. I don’t know if it was because I really enjoyed it or because my beloved grandfather did so much, but I wanted it all the damn time. Drove my mom batty, because she (perhaps alone) did not like it so much and I asked for her to buy it a lot even when we weren’t visiting those grandparents. My sister did too.

I haven’t had that beverage in a decade or more. He died in 2006, and the last time I saw him was Christmas of 2005; I didn’t drink anything cold. So I don’t know if I’d still like Lipton’s powdered goodness.

But, the flavor memory lives on. And even though I haven’t thought of that stuff in years, the idea of a peach tea smoothie hit me when I was having a minor meltdown about having too much food in the freezer a few days ago. I guess this is what getting ready to move looks like when you have tendencies to drink too much tea and have far too much food in your life, and you’re just too tired to make coffee. Or it’s too hot. Or both.

And when you have such a strong flavor memory that you can’t resist making that combination happen again, even if you don’t immediately remember why you want it so much.

It TASTES like heaven.

The ingredients for this smoothie. Yogurt, peaches, tea, agave nectar, lemon, salt. Yum!

Peach Tea Smoothie:

8 oz plain black tea
2 – 4 frozen peaches

1/2 c greek yogurt

Juice of 1/4 lemon

Agave nectar to taste

Pinch of salt

Put the peaches & tea in the blender, then blend the shit out of that stuff. Once that’s blended to a texture you like, add the rest, the consume & be happy.

There's a little extra in the blender, even after I fill the pint to the top. Good thing! Never enough.

4 thoughts on “Peach Tea Smoothie

  1. This looks like real food, that stuff he drank was gross….my conclusion you like it because you loved him. This looks delicious.
    I think he is smiling at this recipe….but he would have preferred a milkshake to a smoothie, with your grandmas ice cream😉

  2. Boy, the great memories this brought back! He definitely enjoyed his tea…by the gallon. I made ice cream? Probably did but I don’t remember. This recipe looks really good in spite of the black tea! Love you girl!!

    • Ok. I do not feel like a bad grandchild if you also do not remember ice cream.

      It’s great, Grandma. You should try it. I love you.

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