You Know My Heart

The internet is an amazing place. It’s brought me a number of wonderful things, not the least of which is new friends. Some of whom I have never (and may never) met. This cocktail is named for the words of one of those new friends, Yoda. “You Know My Heart” are her words to me once, in reference to this cocktail and other things in life.

Yoda has given me a lot of good advice in the time I’ve known her, and we’ve shared several laughs. She trusted me to edit important writing for her. We may never have met, but we’re texting or messaging each other at least twice a week. She’s fantastic.

This cocktail also could have been called, “Don’t Summer in Montana,” in reference to my friend Nicky repeatedly picking a horse, Summer in Montana, who had a tendency for awhile to forget how to win races. Nicky asked me to convince them not to pick SiM, so I threatened to withhold this new cocktail I’d invented if they picked SiM again. That was convincing, apparently.

Nicky also came into my life via the internet, though indirectly in their case. Bill knew Nicky, and in time I got to know Nicky online. These days, Nicky and I hang out more in person than online, and we spend a lot of time discussing blogging over booze. Like this cocktail.

Between Nicky and Yoda, I get a lot of life support. They encourage me and so I manage to strive for newer things. Better things. In the end, I realized Yoda had named this cocktail without even meaning to. Fizzy and celebratory. Sweet pears. Finishes bitter and quiet, encouraging you to sip again and celebrate again. They know my heart.

A can of Sofia Blanc de Blancs with a partially full shot glass of red liquid and one of clear liquid.

You Know My Heart

1/4 (heavy) oz Campari
1/2 (scant) oz Grey Goose Pear Vodka (probably any very pear-y liquor or liqueur will do, but this is what I have)

~6 oz chilled fruity bubbly (one 187 mL can Sofia Blanc de Blancs)

Mix the Campari and vodka in a white wine glass. Swirling hard is sufficient for mixing, but feel free to stir if you’d like. Once that’s mixed to your liking, gently add the bubbly. Try to preserve the bubbles as much as possible.

Toast a friend and enjoy.

Thanks for naming this one, Yoda.