Some Drink Ideas for Saturday

Here in the States, Independence Day is right around the corner. And I’ve been thinking of beverages to consume for it.

While I have a couple I’ll post tomorrow or Friday (trying to get photos now), I realized I can share with you a couple older posts I had that might spark your interest.

Tomato soda in a glass. The glass would rather have beer in it.

Tomato Soda.

Tip: Use only extremely carbonated soda water for this. Either make your own with something like this soda maker or use Q Club. Less carbonated makes it a less yummy drink, though still good.

Bill’s Bitter.

A wonderfully complex drink that’s refreshing and fun and incredibly easy to make. At this point, it’s a summer staple in our home, as well as in the home of several of our friends.

A glass with some ice, a lime, a grapfruit soda, and bitters. Magic in the making.

Strawberry Mermaid.

Bitter. Sweet. Fizzy. Delightful. Strange. This is an easy cocktail to mix up and put down. But be careful in putting it down! It’s pretty hefty. (Note: there’s another recipe at that link; but I’ve been tweaking and updating it. It’ll be in the next post.)

Note: The soda maker linked above is sold out as a stand-alone piece. You can get it as part of a set as well, but I can’t vouch for the quality of the other pieces/recipes. All Amazon links in this post, including the one immediately previous to this sentence, are affiliate links. This means I get a tiny percentage if you buy the linked items or other things via Amazon after clicking. Your purchase price won’t change. And if you do for charity, they stack. Still without changing your purchase price. Thanks!