A Smokey Beer Fizz for the Fourth of July!

I had to publish the previous version of this cocktail fairly fast, because I only had a week for the entirety of devising, naming, testing, and tasting the cocktails (there were two) as well as suddenly having an idea for the story, writing it up, and so on.

Garnished Smokey Beer Fizz

The good news was that I’d been trying to figure out a cocktail that involved 8-Bit Pale Ale and sage for a couple of years before it finally all came together for me. So I had a bit of a head start.1 And the fact that only a select few people were really in love with the original made the story come together.

Sage leaves hanging off a bottle of mezcal joven. This is where the magic happens.

But I couldn’t resist tinkering with it until I had something everyone can enjoy. And it’s simple to make. Perfect for pouring when you’re out with your friends watching the grill. One bottle or can of soda and one tallboy can of beer make 3 cocktails. Or, if you want to share with your underage kiddo, get a 12 oz can of beer for you and a drinking friend, and give the rest of the soda to the kiddo. Everybody wins!

A bottle of Izzie grapfruit soda. A can of 8-Bit Pale Ale. A bottle of mezcal. Sage leaves. Smoked salt.

Smokey Beer Fizz

~3 oz grapefruit soda (I used Izze)
3/4 oz sage infused Mezcal Blanco

5-6 oz Tallgrass Brewing 8-Bit pale ale

Smoked salt & 1-3 small sage leaves for garnish

Pour the mezcal into a tall glass. Highball, shaker pint, stange, whatever you like. Very gently pour the soda into the glass, down the side. You’re trying to preserve the bubbles for the moment. Top with the beer, pouring 3/4 of it down the side, then the rest with a hard top to get a nice head of foam. Garnish with the small sage leaves and a good pinch of smoked salt sprinkled on top.

Don’t worry about measuring here, except the mezcal. This is all about pour about a third of a bottle of soda and a half a 12 oz can of beer into your glass. It’s all about simple. And tasty.

Several sage leaves in a few ounces of mezcal.

To infuse the mezcal: Break up ~2 sage leaves/ounce of mezcal you want to infuse. Cover with mezcal and leave at room temperature for a day. If you like more sage (which I do not), feel free to tinker with the ratio. I wouldn’t infuse much longer, personally, as I feel like it draws out too many woody notes. That said, this recipe is rather loose in proportions, so don’t hesitate to experiment!

If infusing seems like too much planning ahead, you can muddle 3-4 sage leaves in the bottom of your glass with your mezcal and top with soda and beer.

See? Easy. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

What appears to be beer in a glass labeled

1 Evidence suggests some cans escaped into the wild a couple of months after it debuted. I’m not sure how I got some in Chicago, but the moment I tasted it, I knew it was a beer made for mixing (with sage in particular). And drinking straight.

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  1. I have absolutely none of those things in the house. I thought I’d already done my weekend shopping, but apparently I was wrong. Thanks 😛

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