I just found a CF card from almost a year ago. A lot of the photos on it are from a Hop Farm tour I took in early August last year. It was so much fun, but I never did manage to write a post about it. Now I’m in southwest Washington State and vaguely contemplating the post again. Why? Because far away in Washington state there’s a hop museum. I live in Chicago, so even a drive of two or more hours feels practically next door. Of course, one just opened recently in Wisconsin, so you’d think I could just go there. But, really, I don’t see why I can’t do BOTH1. Then write you guys a post. In late July.

It’s 85F here today. A temperature when I want to eat myself silly in tomatoes. Unfortunately, it is not yet tomato season. Last year, at the end of the season, I ended up with a ton more tomatoes than I could eat before they went bad. So I threw them in the smoker, then made a variation on this tomato jam recipe from Food in Jars. It’s amazing and I was shocked the other day to discover I still have a jar or two. Once I get back home, I’ll be devouring it.

Smoked tomatoes right out of the smoker.

But, since we’re not home, we’re swimming instead. This is our neice, Hazel, getting ready to dive on in. She’s a very good swimmer for her age (about four). Better than I am, frankly. But I am more ready than I ever have been to get better. Maybe I even will.

1 Probably not, actually, as I don’t think I can get to the WA Hop Museum this trip.