Five Years. Holy Cow, Five Years.

I have been blogging for five years now. It’s kinda overwhelming to consider, honestly. I’ve published (as of this post) 508 posts, so theoretically a rate of 100 posts/year. Not too shabby.

Come a long way since that first recipe, Whole Grain Griddle Cake from Joy of Cooking.

Of course, there’ve been ups and downs. I basically took 2011 off, which wasn’t hot. But Steve from Drinking and Writing Theater once called my blog “the best beer blog in Chicago.” He was talking to someone else, even! He was sober at the time! So that gave me some serious ups.

Steve and I at Great American Beer Fest. Neither of us is a selfie pro.

I love this online space, and I plan to inhabit it a long time. That said, I also want to stretch my wings, so two things will be changing, a little. I’m going to start looking for more places to guest post at and I am launching a new blog, Getting Ready to Go. I hope you check it out; it’s already a better blog than MetaCookbook was at the same age. Or at least prettier.

A sunlight bookshelf in a place that is no more.

I’ve never been one to remember most blogging milestones, so I find myself unable to say a ton here. But there is one important thing to say, and that is, “Thank you.”

Thank you all for reading these posts. For commenting, here, on Facebook, on Twitter, or some other medium. For sharing these posts, and generally supporting me.

To make my thanks more tangible, I want to give some things away. One book for each “piece” of my blog. Food, Science, Beer, and Blather. And one to grow on. Five books for five years.

Entering is as simple as ever. I need you to leave a comment on this post before 7 June 2015 at 3pm CDT. Tell me which book(s) you’d like to win, and why you come read this place. Make sure you leave a valid email address in the “email” field, that way I can find you if you win. I’ll select randomly for each book from those who enter to win it. One comment per person, please.

For Food, I am giving away a copy of the book, Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook OR a copy of This Organic Life by Joan Dye Gussow. I loved both of these books deeply, and both had a huge impact on my thinking. Food and education! I love it.

For Beer, I am giving away a copy of Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher. This book is just a dive into everything about beer, but not the deepest one. It’s perfect if you’re curious regarding everything about beer, but don’t want to write a dissertation about the liquid.

The Lions of Tsavo diorama at The Field Museum.

For Science, I am giving away a copy of The Lions of Tsavo by Dr. Bruce Patterson. Because lions are the best thing ever, and these lions are the most interesting of all. And also because these lions are why I’m in Chicago, and Bruce is just about the awesomest scientist I know.

For Blather, I am giving away a copy of Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly OR In Conquest Born by C.S. Friedman. Because they are excellent books that I reread often.

To grow on, I’m giving away a copy of my favorite writing book, Take Joy by Jane Yolen. Because she doesn’t believe you should suffer to write. And because I’d like to be a better writer, and maybe you would to be a better writer too.

Thank you.

Note: This giveaway isn’t sponsored by anyone but me. I’ll be buying the books. Also, all Amazon links above are affiliate links. This means I get a tiny percentage if you buy the linked items or other things via Amazon after clicking. Your purchase price won’t change. And if you do for charity, they stack. Still without changing your purchase price. Thanks!

18 thoughts on “Five Years. Holy Cow, Five Years.

  1. I come here because I enjoy your blather very, very much. I’ve learned a lot about beer, and I’ve adopted a fantastic pumpkin bread recipe. I’ve learned about smart sustainable food choices, and about what makes you tick. You’re a friend and this is your joy (and, let’s be honest, suffering) and I’m happy to share it.

    Not that I really need to enter giveaways to keep interest in this place, but let’s call this an entry for the writing book.

  2. Five Years … brava, you! No small accomplishment.

    I’m thrilled for you, and am looking forward to checking out your new digs too. 🙂

    Big smooches and congratulations.

    (i’m not writing to enter the contest, cause i’d only go for the writing book, and i just have SO many writing books. but i’ll put that on my list to check out sometime down the road.) xo

  3. you are an inspiration! I haven’t blogged in a couple of years, but I think I may start again!

    • Sally! Thank you so much. I hope you do start blogging again; I didn’t know you ever had. I’d love to read your stuff!

  4. How exciting about your new chapter in blogging! I come read this blog because I love your perspective on beer things and your food experimenting. Plus you’re fun and so is your blogging!

    I’d love (either one of) the food books because I love food and education, too 🙂

  5. Mine would be the food book, “This Organic Life”. Life is all about growing–you, me, gardens. Besides, the book would feed my gardening habits (that feed me…).

    • It’s a good book. A bit dense, but in a good way. You’ll love it if you win it.

      Also, that zucchini bread is amazing. No lies.

  6. Hey Tasha, what a cool idea, and a great way to share books that you love. This is my first time here (thank you, Claire!) and I have lots and lots of books on my many end tables already, so I don’t want to “enter,” but I do want to congratulate you on your work. You are doing a fantastic job here, and here’s to many more successes!

  7. I came to your blog after following you on twitter (beer tweets caused that). I’ve found your writing to be enjoyable, reachable and intelligent. Congratulations on 5 years. If I’m picked to win a book, I would pick Dragonsbane. I need a new read. Thanks.

  8. I’ve just missed the deadling on this! Damn!

    But I have read your blog (more faithfully in the past, sadly as my free time in the present is much reduced) because you are a well-written, well-spoken individual with diverse interests and therefore diverse topics for blogging. Plus I miss talking to you everyday, so at least I can pretend we’re trying to have a conversation 🙂

  9. Oh, and if I were to pick a book, I would choose Take Joy for my new husband the aspiring writer whose beautiful writing can always become more beautiful.

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