Current Status

Overwhelmed. I lost track of time. How did it go from the end of Beer 3Up to the beginning of Chicago craft beer week (CCBW)? And how did it go there without a post from me??

I lost track of time because I do not have a ton of it right now. Or, rather, I have the same amount as every other human on earth, but in addition to my normal things (like sleeping more than some of those I admire have to sleep), I’ve been working on a new brownie recipe, a new beer cocktail recipe, a new vegan dinner recipe, plotting out CCBW shenanigans, unsure if I want to shenanigan, working more hours, opening my big mouth and telling my co-workers I want to sit the Certified Cicerone exam at the end of the year…

I sat down the other day and wrote a “big” to-do list. Like, mostly the big projects that I have planned to do over the next 18 months, but with a few sides of “I just can’t forget to do that either”. Just tried to get it all out of my head. That seemed like a wise thing to do when Bill suggested it the other day. But once I got everything I could think of written down (and I have a sneaking suspicion that isn’t all of it), it was like a bus had hit me. I was paralyzed.

Which, of course, did not help the “getting shit done” situation.

I’m back at it. Numbers 25 and 26 of my 32 item list (a couple of the very smaller ones) are almost done. I’m making progress at other ones. That, I think, has helped me move enough to get sufficient momentum going to keep it up. I’ll keep you posted. (Ha!)