Yes, I drank a beer made with bugs. Yes, it was beautiful. Yes, it tasted great. I would like more, please.

I went to an event that paired food with beer. Of course. BUT! Also with performance art. Mostly comedy. It was a fun, fun time.

I finally got to try a cocktail that really involved edible flowers. It was fantastic.

Which made me all the sadder to realize I will not be growing these guys or any other edible flowers this year. Time got away from me, and I didn’t get my plot planted before we left for a long trip. Someone else will be using it this year, though I’ll still be part of the community around the garden.

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Current Status

Overwhelmed. I lost track of time. How did it go from the end of Beer 3Up to the beginning of Chicago craft beer week (CCBW)? And how did it go there without a post from me??

I lost track of time because I do not have a ton of it right now. Or, rather, I have the same amount as every other human on earth, but in addition to my normal things (like sleeping more than some of those I admire have to sleep), I’ve been working on a new brownie recipe, a new beer cocktail recipe, a new vegan dinner recipe, plotting out CCBW shenanigans, unsure if I want to shenanigan, working more hours, opening my big mouth and telling my co-workers I want to sit the Certified Cicerone exam at the end of the year…

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