Changing it Up, but Beer 3Up!

I spent a lot of thought in trying to decide what to post for my 500th post and how to celebrate that milestone. It’s funny, because until this year, I have been terrible at even noticing blogging milestones, much less commemorate them. Thus, it feels kind of perfect that the topic was dropped into my lap and it is A PARTY. A party I am helping host on 25 April 2015.

That’s right, Emporium is letting us back in and to drink new beers from new breweries in their Wicker Park location again! The “us” has changed (more on that later), but for now, the details we have on the event.

As in the past, it starts at noon (also known as “opening”) and runs until roughly 4:00 pm. There will be beers on tap from some of Chicagoland’s newest breweries. It will be tasty. There are games to be played and, we hope, prizes to be won.

We’re working hard to convince as many new breweries as possible to come pour for you guys and chat with you guys. Right now we have:

  • Aquanaut
  • Marz (I’m hoping for Ruby’s Tears or the Berliner pictured above.)
  • Moody Tongue (I’m hoping for their Lemon Saison)
  • Middle Brow
  • Pollyanna
  • Alarmist (Pantsless!!)
  • Motor Row

I’m so excited by this, guys! I’ve already bought two awesome t-shirts I’m going to have to choose between. Which is TOUGH, and I can’t even win! Edit: I forgot to mention that we’re also going to be having Matt LaFleur and his #DarkBoredDay15 doodles there! It was so fun last year, and a lot of good doodles came of it!

Please come! Have fun with Matt and Karl and I!

So, that leads to the “us” who is hosting. Karl, who is one of the co-founders of the truly astoundingly good Guys Drinking Beer is my co-host this year. Last year he/they hosted a pilsner party right after Beer 2Up, and I went up. We hit it off like gangbusters, and I am so very glad to have him as part of this event. Maybe there can be a Perfectly Pleasant and Positive Pilsner Party later this year. 😀

The fantastic guys I worked with before, Jeremy and Eric cannot host again this year. Happily, this is because they are doing things that they love. In Eric’s case, he is helping to host an event the week before that is taking all his event organizing skills. (My math says that you, unlike he, can do both. And should. Beer 3Up is not ticketed, and you can get tickets for Eric’s event, the Chicagoland Suds Cup, over at Brown Paper Tickets.)

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  1. Brava, you! So proud of you and your milestone … AND doing this cool event again. (if only i lived in easy driving distance of chicago!)

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