Beer 3Up! Prizes! Games! FUN!

A header image for the Beer 3Up event! Beer + Video Games = AWEOME.

I am so damn excited, guys! It’s coming together so well! Beer! Games! Brewers and brewery reps! PRIZES!!

Basically, lots of damn fun. As it is every year!

We’ll have a t-shirt contest (because I love that contest so, so much). Rules haven’t changed from last year, but the dates for online voting will be announced once I get in a huddle with Karl about the plan.

Pinbrawl!!! Must be present to play and win. Soooo… beer, pinball, contests, and prizes? Uh, yes!

Doodles! Fun little doodles from Matt LaFleur as he hosts #DarkBoredDay15 from Beer 3Up! (No one point out to him he’s having fun, not being bored. I don’t want him to decide not to doodle.) Just LOOK at this Bowser Boozin’ he drew for Jeremey last year.

And, of course, the beers. Here’s what we know we’ve got so far!

We will also be pouring beers from Marz Brewing and Motor Row Brewing, though we don’t yet know what. We are HOPING to be able to pour from a few other places as well, but we don’t know yet.

Prizes for various things will include shirts, glassware, and stickers from various breweries, as well as a tour and tasting for TEN, with glasses included, from Motor Row Brewing. TEN, guys!

Keep your eyes on this space and over at Guys Drinking Beer for more updates as soon as we have them. And plan to buy Shana Solarte a beer while you’re there, if you like the rad images she’s been making for us, including the one above.