Beer 3Up! It rocked!

I have to be honest with you guys. I love the Beer XUp events so much, but they are a good deal of work. Just before the event, I was pretty tired. I was even wondering if it was going to be worth it.

Coffee. Tokens. Hat. Purse. More coffee. Cookies. Can't lose.

Ha! Silly me. It’s always worth it. I enjoy the ever-living hell out of the event, and meeting new folks. Trying new, new, new beers and more. Usually pinball, but this year I didn’t even manage. Ridiculous!

Still, what fun it was. I had a number of delightful new, delicious beers. I couldn’t possibly have all of them, which is a damn shame. There were eleven new beers to try, though, so there was NO WAY. No way.

Next year, more of you should attend, so we can beer share. Just saying. And so you can win swag. Look at how much we had to give away!

A table full of prizes we gave away last week.

That said, as with previous events, the biggest prize has yet to be awarded! We, once again, need YOU to vote on who should win it.

This year it’s a tour and tasting for TEN folks at Motor Row Brewing. That’s huge! And all for being careful in one’s clothing selection. (Come next year. It will be super fun! We’ll have other awesome prizes to hand out.)

So, without further build up, let’s get down to it. First, the beer “t-shirt” contest winner. (Oddly, neither winner is technically wearing a t-shirt.)

His name is Willie and he is awesome. And wearing a shirt that says,

As for video games, we had a throwback, of sorts, to Beer 1Up. In that case only one person wore a video game-themed shirt (other than me). In this case, two folks wore what I’m calling “video game adjacent” clothing. A man whose name I did not catch wore a fantastic Trogdor shirt and Amanda, below, work a Bmo dress from Adventure Time.

Amanda, who is ALSO fabulous, and her Bmo dress. I noticed the control on the bottom of her dress & was instantly smitten.
Back of the Bmo dress. Wow! Does that count as two entries? Hope not. She only won once.

Can I let you guys in on a little secret? I don’t know “Adventure Time.” I’ve only seen a few episodes, and none with Bmo, as far as I can recall. I was just like, “That is SOOOOO a video game shirt!” And loved it, instantly. Which, frankly, is about how I saw the beer shirt. I LOVE puns. Love them.

So! Who should win?? Don’t leave it up to me. I truly cannot pick. Normally, I am as opinionated as all get-out, but not this time. I love both outfits SO much.

Thus, I need you to take yourself over to the Facebook event page and vote in the poll Karl has set up. It will run from now until next Wednesday at 3pm CDT.

Go, vote! Thank you!

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  1. I really need to find a way to go visit during a Beer XUp event. Because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

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