Mezcaloteca and Mezcal Education.

I recently had the opportunity to learn a bit more about mezcal. It’s a spirit I adore, possibly more than beer, but I don’t know much about it. It’s more difficult than beer for me to partake in, in part because the cost of buying a bottle of mezcal and hating it is so much higher than buying and hating a bottle of beer.

Thus when a “rare” mezcal tasting showed up on my twitter feed, I was all over it. It was so worth it. I already want to go again. In large part because it wasn’t just tasting. I also learned a damn sight more in that two hour session about mezcal than I had in quite some time of just vaguely reading or tasting.… Continue reading →

That’s Technically Better, Yes.

Content Warning: Rape

So, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good news is that Pig Minds Brewing took to heart the various criticisms of one of their beer names. When they release their blueberry seasonal ale later this year, it will not be one that implicitly encourages rape. This is absolutely a step forward, and that truly is very good. The beer will not be “PD” any more but “Happi Daze.” You can see the much less rapey label below.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m generally a pretty optimistic person. So while I didn’t expect that I’d ever have to write a post saying the previous label had changed, I sure as shit hoped I’d have to. I hoped the folks behind Pig Minds would, at some point, realize their label was problematic and change it.… Continue reading →

Experimenting. Trying to Improve.

Bill, who is a fantastic man, knows a thing or two about me. And so, for my most recent birthday, he got me “blogging related things.” Namely, a deck of writing prompts, and two interesting lenses.

The former he said he got me because it means the camera can easily slip into a purse or a backpack. I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet, but typing this post makes me think I might haul it to work.

The later? Well, he got me that one because it’s THE focal length everyone recommends, apparently, for food photos. And I love it. I’m not GOOD with it yet, but I love it.

I took it with me to a mezcal tasting this weekend. And… The photos are not fantastic yet.… Continue reading →

A Bit More on the “Wheel” and the Food “Spoke”

I spent a great deal of time and effort figuring out what to say in my last post. Originally, it was less about not attending Good Food Festival and more about the disillusionment I’ve been feeling, but as GFF approached, and as I gave a lot of thought to it and heard a great deal about it, that post crystallized some of it in my head. While I’ll likely post from time to time, more on my thoughts about the messiness that is food, both politically and in the kitchen, I realized I had a short follow-up on “the wheel.”

So, fast recap: I tend to envision social progress as effectively a wheel, and people push on spokes they care about. All that pushing, and the wheel moves.… Continue reading →

To Do and Not To Do

Last year, I didn’t go to Good Food Fest Chicago due to a very frustrating mix up with them. This year, I just… didn’t.

It’s a little odd, I have to say. Last year was easier. I was sustained in my not going by my sheer frustration with FamilyFarmed.Org, who puts on the conference. This year, I made no conscious decisions and ended up not going. And, as it arrives here in Chicago, I find myself with a few regrets. But only a few.

My main interest and passion, when it comes to Good Food Fest, is the food policy summit. And, if I’d thought about it more, I maybe would have gone to just that. But, by now, I’m scheduled to work. And that’s a better choice, I think.… Continue reading →