SNAC! (Station North Art Cafe)

We found this gem via Yelp! For all the hatred Yelp! gets, much of it quite deserved, it generally serves us well when we’re lost in the wilds of another town and hungry.

Here’s what happened:

I needed waffles. We were staying in a part of Baltimore neither of us knows and I NEEDED waffles. So, we searched what we call “the Yelp machine” for waffles. And this place showed up. Lot of good reviews, several mentioning waffles…

Well, didn’t have to tell us twice! It took us a bit longer than we’d have wanted to get there, but when we got there, we found the best place. Art. Friendly customers. Incredibly friendly owners. Overheard intelligent conversations about the intersections of personal and political…

And fucking yummy, cheap food. I took one bite of my bacon and told Bill that SNAC’s bacon is the bacon his favorite Chicago joint wishes it was. I had the cornbread waffle both times I went, and I have exactly zero regrets about this. I would eat the waffles about a million more times and not be sad about it.

Bill first had “fully-loaded” grits, and the second time around this delightful pancake sandwich. When he got it, he admitted he couldn’t decide if it was a “fork and knife” meal or a hand-held meal. One attempt at a bite hand-held, and he realized his mistake. So tasty.

And we even got the chance to chat with Kevin and Bill before we left, telling them we’d wanted to make SNAC our last stop before heading back to Chicago. Both of them are very interesting men. Kevin, in particular, seems to capture a lot of folks’ attention. At least judging from the press about him on the walls near the kitchen. I didn’t have a chance to read much, and I was pretty bummed about that. Bill cooks, and holy hell, he’s good at it. I’m gonna send my Bill to get some lessons.

And to top it all off? They have tasty coffee. We did not have high expectations going in, I must admit, and we were totally wrong. And they sold us this apple fritter for the airport. As big as my face, for about $3.00, which about knocked me dead when Bill told me. And pretty damn good.

So, git! Go! The young lady below insists!

2 thoughts on “SNAC! (Station North Art Cafe)

  1. I’ve never been & am glad you had such a delicious experience!

    I also haven’t seen the “Believe in Men” variant, but my guess is it relates to the BMe movement and, locally, the Black Male Identity project; both basically looking to create discussion about and engagement among black men and increase the reach of stories about positive black male role models. Essentially, we say women’s potential is diminished if we’re told we can only be wives and/or secretaries; what’s the outlook for a young black man who sees thug life lauded and the only descriptor he sees attached to black fatherhood is “deadbeat”? Both programs look to address that; BMe has a Baltimore chapter and the BMI project was created here, so a relevant spin on the “Believe” campaign seems to make sense. No idea if this is correct, but it’s my guess.

    • Wow. That is fascinating, and makes a great deal of sense. I wonder if I can find someone out there who can tell me more about this.


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