Dog Booties.

I’d planned to write a post on Monday, to go up Tuesday. I have a few things in the pipeline. Some pumpkin beer bread. Some chili. Some thoughts on “teaffee”.

Instead, I spent Monday flipped out, frantic, desperately hoping my dogs wouldn’t be the center of a urine and fecal explosion roughly the size of my bedroom. It was a no good, horrible, terrible, very bad day.

They didn’t, thankfully, leave a trail of waste hither and fro. And then I, the next day, contemplated writing a post about that, but by then I had to work and then had to run around taking care of things like getting my hairs dyed for this wedding we had to attend (it’s in under 3 h)…

Anyway, my point is that blogging slipped a little, but I haven’t forgotten it. So, I decided to let you know where I am, literally, (Austin, Texas area) and mentally (exhausted, and regretting my choice not to bring my big camera). And I decided to show you something adorable. Namely, Kiki and Happy in dog booties. (PS: Tell me your favorite dog boots/booties/shoes. And the best coffee places in Austin.)

I really will be back next week, sometime. Probably Tuesday, assuming I can get something done in my hangry state on Monday. Tomorrow we head home, so while I might get some writing done on the plane, it’s far more likely that I’ll sleep or play video games or annoy my husband by demanding conversation.

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