What Does NaNo Mean for MetaCookbook?

As I mentioned in the previous post, I plan to tackle NaNoWriMo (NaNo) again this year. So, what does that mean for blogging?

It’s pretty simple. Like last year, I’ve solicited several guest posts. Unlike last year, I also have three posts scheduled already that are the longer answers from my questions about Beer Bloggers’ Conference 2014. While those are not precisely guest posts, they are interesting writing from other folks. With some luck and some prodding and some nagging (and maybe some writing!), I plan to get you guys a total of six posts that aren’t update posts; those three in the queue certainly help.

There will also be update posts, expect a minimum of two of those. Probably not more than once a week, though.

My goal, in all honesty, is to not feel obligated to dedicate any writing time to MetaCookbook during NaNo beyond updates. I may end up wanting to write for the blog, but that’s rather different. So, guest posts (and if you’d like to write a guest post, let me know!), updates, and anything I get written in October. I’m unlikely to write anything time-sensitive, but I figure that’s what I use Twitter for anyway, so that’s not a huge change.

All in all, what I’m going for is “not a huge change” in number of updates, and a lot of fun with other folks’ writing. I hope you guys enjoy the change of pace too.