Giveaway: Beer Bloggers Conference Swag

My last post mentioned I have recently returned from San Diego, and alluded to the fact that there was a conference and some beer in my life while I was there.

Yup. I went to Beer Bloggers Conference in San Diego this year. It was my first time attending this conference, and I had a nice time. I also, as you can imagine, brought home a few things. However, I realized that more fun than bringing home things just for myself was bringing things home to give away. I gave some glassware to my friend Nicky, and decided to give the rest away to a couple of readers here.

So! For this giveaway, it’s very simple. One lucky reader will receive the Lagunitas dog “mason jar” glass pictured above, as well as the Firestone Walker bottle opener. Another lucky reader will receive the Goose Island Beer Company bottle opener. No one will receive beer from me. You have to acquire your own beer.

Entering is as simple as ever. Leave a comment below, telling me something about you. Do you like any of these companies a lot? Are you in dire need of a bottle opener?

You must be living in the United States to be eligible for this. I’ll pick entries by random draw. One entry per person. This contest is not sponsored by any of the named breweries, though I did receive all of the items above for free at Beer Bloggers Conference. This is me choosing to share the love, as it were. (They were all sponsors of the conference at some level.) Finally, a condition of registering as a “citizen blogger” at Beer Bloggers Conference was that I write a minimum of two posts about the conference. I expect to write more, but this is the first of the required posts.

Oh, and the Lagunitas “jar” is just a glass; there’s no threads for putting a band on for canning. Please do not attempt to water-bath or pressure can anything in it.

3 thoughts on “Giveaway: Beer Bloggers Conference Swag

  1. Lucky you getting to go to BBC! I hope your trip was fantastic 🙂 The bottle openers are speaking to me…especially the (steampunk-esque?) Firestone Walker one…. 🙂

    • Oh, MAN! I didn’t even think of that, but the FW opener would go well with a steampunk costume for opening bottles! Brilliant. 😀

      Good luck to you!

  2. Hi, Tasha – I read a bit about the BBC experience this year and it seemed like incredibly exhausting fun! I would love to benefit from your spoils. Hope to see you soon!

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