Accidental Cider Share

Bill and I have been traveling a bunch recently. When we travel, we tend to rent places from Air BnB. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth reiterating. It is, at this point, rare that we stay in a hotel.

It’s not just the fact that we can make our own coffee, make our own breakfast, and almost always bigger than a hotel room for the money. It’s that the space we get is more usable, overall. When we stay in hotels, we spend most of our time visiting with friends in coffee shops, breweries, or restaurants.

But when we stay in places we find on AirBnB, we have many more options. Like visiting a nice local bottle shop, and deciding to buy several ciders (and one beer!), and sharing them on the roof deck with friends later that day. Spontaneous bottle share!

So. Much. Fun. Though, I admit, the fun was briefly delayed when this place’s bottle opener turned out to be ineffective. Luckily, I had my house keys on me.

We tried the first batch of cherry-apple cider from Santa Fe Cider Works, and it was delightfully tart. We tried a mint apple cider from Woodchuck, and I thought it was as vile as it sounds, but I was the only one. Everyone else was a fan. The “dry” cider from Santa Sidra was not terribly dry, but fairly tasty in it’s own right, and the Farmer Monte’s Cider from Skarsgard Farms was simple. I didn’t love it, honestly. And no one else said anything about it. But I DO love their chicken coop (which I saw our previous trip to New Mexico), so I may have to try some of their other products.

Overall, though, the best part of the bottle share was visiting with good friends, in a completely quiet and charming location.

The weather was fabulous, and the view was gorgeous.

Note: the AirBnB link is referral link. If you sign up for AirBnB via this link, Bill gets a small amount of credit. I’m not sure how much.

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