Time to Goddamn Learn

TW: Rape.

This is going to be short. I don’t have a lot of patience for this bullshit:

"Ultimate Sin?" Rape is totally up there.

If you need a goddamn “panty dropper” to “get laid” then you are engaging in sexual assault.

Maybe you didn’t know this. Time to goddamn learn. No, it’s not ok if there’s also a “boxer/briefs dropper.” Sure, as a friend pointed out, then it’s equally targeting men and women, but it’s a motherfucking race to the bottom at that point. It’s some bullshit if “men as targets too” is the end result of working toward “equality.”

Just because he is/she is/they are drunk DOESN’T MEAN HE WANTS/SHE WANTS/THEY WANT TO FUCK.

And even if they seem to want to, doesn’t mean they always want to. It seems confusing sometimes, I know. But there’s actually a simple solution. Go for enthusiastic consent.

“Enthusiastic consent” should be the target. If you’re not sure, stop. Err on the side of not raping. Canada says, Don’t be that guy. They’re right. If you’re not a guy, the same fucking lessons apply to you. Don’t be a rapist.

Also? Have better sex! Enthusisatic consent means having sex wherein everybody is participating! Having fun! Someone (someones!) wants YOU, explicitly and clearly.

Not being a rapist AND better sex? Fucking hell. Win-goddamn-win.

If you want another (similar) perspective, go read Eric’s post at Blah… Blah… Beer. Or if you want something without the word “rape” in it, check out Karl’s post at Guys Drinking Beer.

2 thoughts on “Time to Goddamn Learn

  1. This label does not condone rape. It does not insinuate that it’s okay to rape. You are completely wrong. You are seeing this wrong. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! You are looking at something, misinterpreting it and making a very harsh attack. You are the one that is assaulting. It’s not the label that’s bullshit, this article is.

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