Throwback Tuesday

Well, I’m in San Diego, having just finished attending Beer Bloggers’ Conference. I’m spending a few days checking out the zoo, pondering and discussing the con, and otherwise checking out this fine town. As such, I thought a quick post of links from December 2012 or later might be fun reading. My thinking is one for each category.

They’re not inherently the best posts from the first two and a half years of the blog, but they’re ones that are memorable, or interesting, or something. I hope you enjoy.

Tomato soda. An absolutely delicious beverage, but it requires highly carbonated club soda. Q brand works great. La Croix, less so. Do not skip the lemon. I’ll be trying it with smoked, then roasted, tomatoes this year.

Beer is character building. It encourages sharing. So, actually, this is just barely from 2012; October, to be precise. It’s interesting because it’s the oldest post in the “beer” category. You can look and see how far I’ve come. And also see how I love pumpkin beers, but am wary of them.

The first meal. The first post in the “science” category. I thought I’d lost Ellen and Grant as friends over this meal. It was the first time I realized my scientific training was useful even in blogging. It’s a long read, but it is the true genesis of this category on this blog.

A little bit on gardening and self-sufficiency. Another long read. Came the day after Tomato Soda up there. I only live three stories up now, and I have a much bigger garden. I live farther from everything. Somehow, everything and nothing has changed.